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Ultimate Ceiling Mount Chin up bar

Ideal for 8 foot ceilings!

Ultimate Ceiling Mount

We took many features from our line of pull up bars to come up with this one. 32 inches center to center installation of brackets. 45 inches total width. All mig welded and powder coated. The center portion of the bar is covered with 6 five inch foam grips as well as the outside handles. The mounting brackets are 7" by 1 ½" with 5/16 holes at approximately 5 ¾" center to center. 5/16 lag bolts are included for mounting.

Maximum weight capacity of ALL our ceiling mount bars is 375 lbs. Generally a chin up bar should hang between 7 & 7 ½ feet off the floor.

  • Best suited for 8 foot ceilings
  • Drops 11 inches from the ceiling
  • Two additional foam covered neutral grips

Low Profile Ceiling & Beam Mount

Great for ceilings under 8 feet or overhead beams

Low Profile ceiling & beam mount

This unique bar is designed for low ceilings with a 9" drop from the ceiling to the center bar. No neutral handles. Otherwise the Low Profile bar shares the same specifications as the Ultimate Ceiling Mount bar.

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Glaser Plus Ceiling Mount

Includes additional neutral grip handles

Glaser plus ceiling mount

The Glaser Plus is identical to the Ultimate Ceiling Mount except we extended the brackets to 15" allowing an additional 4" drop than the UCM.

Glaser Ceiling Mount

Can also be wall mounted

Glaser Ceiling Mount

The Glaser Ceiling and Wall mount chinup bar is a heavily reinforced bar. We have added some angular gussets with oversized brackets 9" by 1 1/2" with 5/16 holes at 7 3/4" center to center. The brackets extend the bar 15" from the wall or ceiling for added clearance. Mounting configuration along with specifications are the same as the Low Profile and Ultimate Ceiling Mount bars. Please note all the bars on this page have 5/8" threaded outside handles for solid assembly and a wide grip for a total of 40" of foam grips. Click here for mounting instructions

The Glaser bar with arms that extend 15" from ceiling is ideal for ceilings over 8 feet and/or used by shorter persons. A chin up bar should hang around 7 or 7 ½ feet off the floor.

20" UCM

Great for 9 foot ceilings!

20 inch UCM

The design of the 20" UCM is the same as the Glaser bar except a further drop of 20" from the ceiling to allow use on higher ceilings. Gussets reinforce the extended brackets and oversized mounting plates. Like all our ceiling mount bars on this page, the center bar is completely covered in comfortable foam grips.

2 Foot Glaser Ceiling Mount Chin up bar

Great for ceilings 10 foot or more!

2 Foot Glaser ceiling moun t

Ideal for 10 foot ceilings. Can only be ceiling mounted. Same as the 20" UCM except a full 25" drop from the ceiling. This is the lowest hanging ceiling mount chin up bar that we manufacture.